Rental Home Care

Properly care for your condo tenant while they are living in your home. Let us handle your tenant home orientation, coordinate home services and repairs with your tenant, as well as handle

turn-over services upon move-out. 

What's Included:


Personalized Condominium Home Assessment

Your Arrive Home Customer Care Specialist will meet with you and perform a full evaluation of your home and your home care needs.  A personalized plan will be created that covers your yearly maintenance requirements, repair, and care of your home. 

Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Services

Four (4) quarterly maintenance visits to proactively keep your home in its best condition and prevent costly problems in the future. Our expert Home Maintenance Specialists will perform our customized 45-point Preventative Maintenance Checklist at each visit.

New Tenant Orientation

Provide tenant home orientation (in-person walkthrough of how to utilize and properly care for the home). 

Tenant Move In/Move Out Expectations and Documentation 

We'll handle all move-in and move-out documentation to properly asses the home's condition at the beginning and end of the lease term (including photographs when necessary).

Immediate Response to Tenant Concerns

Our Home Maintenance Specialist are professionally trained and capable of evaluating any home repair concern and readily equipped to make efficient recommendations for swift resolution for you and your tenants. 

Free Quote for Repair Services 

Our Home Maintenance Specialists are at the ready when you need an extra set of helping hands for large or small projects. We'll provide a free quote for any services needed as well as a management of a Third-Party Vendor if we can't complete the job ourselves (additional fees may apply).

Move-In Product Kit

Customized home care products to help your new tenant feel welcome in their home. 

New Tenant Turnover Service

When you get a new tenant we handle unit turn services-repairs and paint refresh. (additional fees apply)

24/7 Emergency Contact Service

Provide 24/7 emergency contact services.




Billed Monthly

Valid for 12 Months

1 Bedroom


Billed Monthly

Valid for 12 Months

2 Bedroom


Billed Monthly

Valid for 12 Months

3 Bedroom


Billed Monthly

Valid for 12 Months