Vacant Home Care

Our Vacant Home Care subscription service is designed to help you prepare for short or long-term vacancy and help make things convenient and comfortable when it is time to come home.   

What's Included: 


Personalized Condominium Home Assessment

Your Arrive Home Customer Care Specialist will create a personalized Home Management Calendar that covers your yearly services of maintenance, repair, and care of your home.  


Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Services

Four (4) quarterly maintenance visits to proactively keep your home in its best condition and prevent costly problems in the future. Our expert Home Maintenance Specialists will perform our customized 45-point Preventative Maintenance Checklist at each visit.

Short-Term Vacant Home Check-ins

Only going away for a short time? We will check in on your home, water plants, and create a personalized checklist based on your needs.

Long-Term Vacant Home Check-ins

If you know you will be away for an extended period of time let us handle your vacancy. We ​will run water to prevent dry traps, ensure no leaks or issues are occurring in the home, monitor your home's temperature, and Inspect appliances and house systems.

Welcome Home Service

Let us welcome you home with a light cleaning and refresh prior to arrival. ​​

Rapid Response to Home Repair Concerns 

Our Home Maintenance Specialist are professionally trained and capable of evaluating any home repair concern and readily equipped to make efficient recommendations for swift resolution. 

Free Quote for Repair Services

Our Home Maintenance Specialists are at the ready when you need an extra set of helping hands for large or small projects. We'll provide a free quote for any services needed as well as a management of a Third-Party Vendor if we can't complete the job ourselves (additional fees may apply).