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Every person on the Arrive Home team is what makes the difference in our service.

Comprised of Customer Care Specialists and Home Maintenance Specialists, our team is dedicated to providing the best of themselves so they can, in turn, provide the most attentive and personalized care to you. 

Jeff Taylor & Amy Hoffman

Founding Principals

Jeff and Amy have decades of experience working with homeowners and residents in multifamily and single-family homes.  Jeff has spent his entire 25+ year career in homeowner care and warranty management for single-family and condominium homebuilders, while Amy has spent her two-decade career helping developers and investors of apartment and condominium buildings understand their residents so they can successfully design and build products that residents love to call home.   


At the core of it all is their passion for people, and giving them the best home experience possible. Over the years they have met so many homeowners and tenants in a wide variety of home environments.  Their focus has been on customer care, teaching people how to properly care for their homes, and educating them on whom to call when things go wrong.   Now they are able to provide you that knowledge and service directly through Arrive Home, giving you back precious time so you can go enjoy the things in life that mean the most to you.  


Outside of work, you’ll also find them together at home with their two boys, two pet pigs, and one giant rabbit.  And when not at home, they’re off on some great adventure in the Pacific Northwest backcountry – their favorite place to be. 

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About Arrive Home

While we are experts in taking care of your home,  
we are passionate about taking care of our customers. 

On behalf of Amy, Jeff, and the entire Arrive Home team:
 welcome to our family.  

Welcome Home! 

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